Defy The Natural Aging Process

Your youth is like a fertile tree, nourished by fresh waters. Aging dries out your youth. Keep the fertile planes of your youth with the latest plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.

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Plastic Surgery Health & Safety

Safety first! There are hidden dangers in cosmetic surgery, especially if you're lured into a deal by an unscrupulous practitioner. Read here on your health and safety when and other tips when researching cosmetic surgery.

How to Find a Good Cosmetic Surgereon

Do your homework on your Surgeon. Make sure he's all he's cracked up to be. Here is a helpful article from Dr. Phil (even though I think he's some sort of psychologist, this is a very helpful article).

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism?

Should you even think about cosmetic surgery overseas? Is the risk to your safety worth the savings? Are some surgeons better overseas? Here are a few helpful tips

Royal College of Surgeons Weighing In

The Royal College of Surgeons now says that you should only see a plastic surgeons who's done a specialization in your cosmetic procedure. Are these new safety guidelines just a sign of fear of competition?

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Thanks to NipTuck productions for finding informative articles on cosmetic surgery. I found the post on what incisions to get during a breast augmentation very helpful.